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High School Upgrades to Quantum
to Eliminate Underground Cabling

Adairsville High School chose to upgrade its communications system from Multicom to Quantum to ensure reliable communications during electrical storms. The problem revolved around improperly installed, deteriorating underground cabling that carried communications between buildings. When a lightning strike occurred in the area, the copper cabling would receive an electrical surge and disrupt school communications. Upgrading to the IP-based Quantum running on a fiber network was an easy and economical choice as it eliminated the need for copper cabling while increasing the flexibility and scalability of the telecom system. Read the Full Story
Adairsville High School
Highlights of Quantum Multicom IP:
Network-based communications solution connects via existing IP network
No need to maintain expensive and trouble-prone underground copper cabling
Backwards compatible so Quantum is easily retrofitted to a Multicom system, with minimal additional hardware
Ensure reliability of voice communications and bell schedules between buildings in all weather conditions
Expandable to 16,000 stations (classrooms, administrative offices, etc.)
Utilizes a distributed architecture that features nodes at different locations throughout a campus
Computer-based programming of bell schedules and more  
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Quantum Multicom IP This IP-based, network integrated advanced communications system allows simultaneous communications with all stations on all campuses of one university, with all schools in a district, selected stations, or even point-to-point messaging. More information

Quantum Ver. 1.0.9 now available for download (password required)
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Multicom 2000 Administrative Communications System A flexible, sophisticated communications system that can supply any combination of high-power voice announcements, hands-free 2-way communications, telephones or call buttons for up to 16,000 locations on a campus. More information
Enhancer, Now with 3 Microphones Bogen's voice enhancement system now includes 3 microphones as part of the basic package: a headset mic, body-pack mic, and lavaliere mic. (A wireless handheld mic is available as an option.) These choices allow presenters to select the microphone style most comfortable for them. More information
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