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University Installs Audio Communications System in Response to Virginia Tech Tragedy

With the first anniversary of the worst campus shooting in US history nearly upon us, West Virginia University decided to take preventative action of its own by installing Bogen's Multicom 2000. This campus-wide audio communications system allows immediate, all-inclusive audio communications reaching everyone on campus whether indoor or outdoor. Read the Full Story
West Virginia University
Advantages to using Multicom 2000 for mass communications:
Voice communications provide clear, real-time instructions for rapidly evolving situations
Ability to send messages immediately to everyone on campus, indoor and outdoor
Target different messages to different areas of campus
Complements other mass notification systems
No queue message delays (as with e-mail)
Doesn't overload campus network server
Voice announcements can be heard where cell phones or networks may not work Keeps students focused on classroom lectures, not incoming text or e-mail messages
dot No need to have cell phones turned on dot Play pre-recorded messages or directives in different languages
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Multicom 2000 Administrative Communications System A flexible, sophisticated communications system that can supply any combination of high-power voice announcements, hands-free 2-way communications, telephones or call buttons for up to 16,000 locations on a campus. More information
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Multicom Quantum IP This IP-based, network integrated advanced communications system allows simultaneous communications with all stations on all campuses of one university, with all schools in a district, selected stations, or even point-to-point messaging. More information

Quantum Ver. 1.0.8 now available for download (password required)
Time Systems
Time Systems Bogen offers a variety of high-quality digital or analog, standard or wireless, GPS-synchronized, clock systems that can be designed to meet each institution's exact parameters. More information
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